Life at Sathya Sai University

I deleted this post, because I keep getting angry comments about it. The post has been up for five years, and viewed thousands of times, and I communicated what I wanted to communicate. Now that that’s done, it’s time for me to move on, rather than keep debating the same thing the rest of my life🙂

My intent in writing this post was to share my views with people who aren’t Sai devotees. What I did not foresee is the number of Sai devotees who did read this post [1] and reacted negatively. That helps neither party. Telling someone something they will reject is a waste of emotion and time for both parties.

It’s time for me to move on. Thanks for your interest in this post.

[1] Because they would obviously be the ones who would search for Life at Sathya Sai University or related terms.

18 thoughts on “Life at Sathya Sai University

  1. Kind of strange truth disclosed. being unbiased i want to explore further.
    no offence but i think ur language is aggressive.

  2. Freedom is essential to life, happiness, growth and every bit of our existence!
    Heartfelt anger is very well reflected in the writeup. Time now to come over it and enjoy every bit of happiness in life.

  3. Actually !! If they allow net all these facilities this will effect their daily life schedule for which this collegeis famous……….
    So I disagree with you dear…….!!!!

    • @niharika, to ask the obvious question, is it more important for a college to provide an opportunity for student to learn, or to maintain a schedule they are famous for? It’s not a restaurant, you know.

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  6. This is an uncomfortable truth for most, but it is true. I grew up as part of a family that worshipped him as god, and most of them still do, and we are effed up psychologically. Seriously. No way of dealing with problems, finding answers to problems. Most of it had to do with “don’t trust your mind. Monkey mind!” and speak softly and gently. Never criticize, don’t think so much. They tell kids there, Don’t get up to greet him during bhajans, he might get irritated!!! Really?!???? God? Irritated with kids?? No! But he loves his students, they say.
    Rich people or vips, up and center, poor and sick, at the back!! Women here, men there, “no mixing! No talking!” The foreigners can’t leave, can’t talk to villagers, can’t talk to Indians. Indians can’t talk to foreigners!! You can’t eqt at the western canteen if you’re Indian! If you’re sick, don’t go to the hospital, take vibhuti, it will cure cancer!!! Well, somebody tell the rest of the world cause we’re dying without this “miracle drug”!! Or if the vibhuti doesn’t work, as it most likely won’t, I swear I’ve heard so many followers say this, it must be something you did in a past life … Oh well, karma got you, you deserve no pity, and even baba explained to a weeping woman who saw two blind orphans digging through the trash for food and fighting with dogs for a scrap (this is in the official holy book of the place, the satcharitra, taking its title from the holy book of the Shirdi baba) He told her don’t cry for them, you don’t know them or what they’ve done to deserve this. She asked him to help those boys, and he said, do you know why they are here? In a previous life they had evil parents, and now this is punishment to the parents that their children are blind and starving. No big!!!! Mercy and compassion isn’t practiced up top evidently. And The so called Seva Dal act like the SS. But do love all and serve all! ! And best of all, don’t go on the internet, internet is evil, full of monkeys, use the “inner net”! Brilliant!!!! It’s a mockery of a spiritual place, of wisdom and learning, and education. It f&@$ you up so much but if you try a little bit of rationalism, you can be cured … Maybe.

  7. So true. you just expressed the emotions on behalf of many who have similar stories to share. With no offence to all good works done by organization, this institute in my opinion has spoilt many a good career. It just scares you from life, especially if you have an ultra conservative family back home. None of exaggerated claims of Baba about his students associated with radical change in the country has happened. Only the parents who are either too poor to afford a decent education for their children or are too rich and concerned about their children falling prey to all vices of the world should send their children to such an institute. One must be ready to sacrifice her aspirations, dreams in return for a ‘ seat earned after good works of many life time’. To my knowledge, brilliant minds from premier institutes like IITs, IIMs have done a great deal to country’s progress than people from such mediocre institute.

    The best line in the entire write up is that it aims to provide secular and spiritual education as one package and does a bad job at both. This sentence would go uncontested.

    Anonymity maintained for not loosing good friends who would agree to most of issues raised in the write up, but would not like their belief system shattered which is so deceitfully built over their entire student days.

  8. I heard about this institute very recently and my Mom is very excited about me going and studying there. I do like stuff which are spiritual but the first thought that came to my mind was 3 years detached from the world and Internet..Is it a wise thing to do?
    Will that help me grow spiritually or let my confidence down due lack of communication with people outside who lead a complete opposite life than what I would get it the institute. It’s true that I would learn to get discipline in my life, and I would learn about hardwork and integrity but will it ultimately help me lead my life successful in the real would. Will I be able to follow whatever I learnt in college..
    This article has brought back the fears I had about this institute.
    Iam really confused. But the reviews I received from my moms friends about this institute was very positive..

    I want a genuine and true answer that will joining this institutes really help me. Does it have good education above all.. And is it recognized in India.. Would you get proper job after studying…
    Please help me out from this confusion.. I don’t what to make a bad decision and repent later.

    Bdw I’m currently studying in class 12 th (science) and I will be writing my entrance test soon( kcet and jee mains). Also if this institute is worth applying than i just have a month left so please help me out soon.
    My email id Is

    • Hey..i am a student myself who has passed 12 from the Sri sathya sai institutions….and I am certain that u will gain a lot if u study there…on a personal note…i have learnt a lot from there..specially to understand and if not appreciated look at others perspectives without criticism but with a sound thinking. Look..its up to u..if u are looking forward in joining there or not…but in my belief its pre destined..if u were supposed to experience life there…if ur existence in such a place is required u will find urself joining there. Many things the writer above said may be true..but u have to c it in a different perspective…yes..its a conservative place and u may come across many situations where ur logic may seem superior than the teachers there…but these are simply situations u have to overcome, understand and assimilate….later when u r outside and active in life..u may come across these situations..and that’s when u will look back say..hey!..i have already gone through this..and it shall all pass…well..and if u aren’t supposed to be facing any situation similar to what u had experienced in the college…then well and good..u will enjoy the change and ur newly found its said…its a degree of change that defines happiness. U will gain spiritually if u want u…maybe not from the spiritual practices there..but in the silence which is compelled…during prayer sessions..u r not allowed to chat around..and that’s when u can actually listen to urself..coz nobody will be allowed to disturb and u shall understand urself better…TO FINISH IT UP..OUR COLLEGES ARE ACADEMICALLY SOUND..AND THERE HAVE BEEN MORE SUCCESS STORIES THAN FALIURES…REFER TO ALL THE ALUMNI..AND U SHALL FIND THEM WELL PLACED…RECENTLY..JUST TO GIVE U AN EXAMPLE..A STUDENT FROM THE MSC COURSE STOOD 4th In the GATE exams held .and got to do his phd from technically the education is not at all like what was mentioned above although u may have to follow specific discipline which is required. So..all the best to u..may u achieve what u want and may the most favored of circumstances occurs in Jr life…this was a personal opinion..and not a direct plea for u to join..personally u shud think for urself and then…just go with the flow..for u don’t know what’s in store😉..

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